Flight 17: Malaga, Spain

Welcome on board!

I missed the chance to shoot the lovely sunset last evening by not bringing my drone with me so I tried it in the next morning. There was much wind than I have expected. Furthermore, the guards of the Malaga Castle were suspicious of the noise and I also got afraid that they were suspicious. So it became a short flight with just the scenery.


Soundtrack: World From Home (Royalty Free)
Video Edit: Apple iMovie Desktop App
Drone: Parrot Bebop

Bravo Zulu!


Uçuşa hoş geldiniz!


Fon Müziği: World From Home (Royalty Free)
Video Düzenleme: Apple iMovie Masaüstü Uygulaması
Hava Aracı: Parrot Bebop

Bravo Zulu!



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